On the 9th of September, The Asahi News paper had held a press conference to have a formal apologies over the incorrect news issued for "The Yoshida's Testimony" and "Comfort women issue"

The video capture of this press conference will be able to find on:


Many people believe that Japan as a nation have done wrongs in the past and never have officially apologized for their wrongs which makes the country like Korea to be continuously emotional but the truth is that the comfort women issues were made up by Japanese (pretending Japanese) activists and Asahi News Paper 20 years after the World War II.

Korea never saw it as a problem until the comfort women issues were made up by them.
It took over 30 years for Asahi News Paper to admit their wrongs and during these 30 years, we can't account how much damages were done to Japan's reputation. Even in peaceful nation of Australia, there has been an establishment of Anti-Japanese activists.
It will be hard for normal Japanese people to understand the belief of Anti-Japanese activist but for those people who believe that Anti-Japanese activities are justified, the truth or facts were not important to them as they are passionate to twist the facts and have an attack on Japanese no matter what it takes.

By looking at the press conference held by Asahi News Paper, to avoid the possible drop over the sales of their newspaper, they have total surrender on these 2 issues but have not touched on their organizational anti-Japanese mentality.
The speech made by the head editor proves that they were prepared not to admit their wrong and have an official apology over the incorrect news made on the Yoshida testimony if the actual classified testimony was not released by the government. He made it clear that Asahi was prompted to act on the recent public criticism because other media companies gained access to the Yoshida testimony. 

The former chief of Tokyo Electric Power Company Yoshida requested the testimony to be classified information and unreleased to public but to act on the recent manipulation of news by Asahi newspaper, the government of Japan had decided to release this classified testimony to public for the public to know the truth and for them to learn Asahi News Paper's wrongs.

The Asahi News Paper admitted their misreport on the comfort women issues however they stated that the core issue over the comfort women issue is a problem against human rights and this fact does not change even if they admitted over misreport on the comfort women issue.

The TV news aired on 11th of September were focused on criticism against the Asahi Newspaper in first half of their show but the second half was focused on the truth over the comfort women issues is a problem against human rights.

If prostitution is a problem against the human rights then it is a broad topic to be discussed worldwide as this issue will be universal issues which all the countries in the world including Korea have to find the ways to fix it as prostitution does exist in every country in the world all the time.

July this year, 122 ex comfort women had made a legal action against the government of Korea for presidential order made to them to be prostitute for US army during and post Korean war which made many of them to have STD and confined in the hospital.
As an outcome, some of them have passed away due to the penicillin induced shock.     

There is no doubt that during the World War II, many women were forced to work as a prostitute because of poverty and/or cheated by the improper recruit agents in Korea and even in Japan as well.
Also, even at the present, the Korean women are top rated illegal migrants who visit oversea to work as a prostitute and this is a serious problem of many countries including Japan, US and Australia.

The main reason that Japan was a target for the Anti-Japanese Activists was that they claimed that Japan used their army to capture the normal civilian women to force them to work as a comfort women just like capturing of slaves which was based on the story written by Seiji Yoshida and distributed to the public by Asahi News Paper.
It is sophistry to use the vague term "human rights problem". We should be of essence to verify the individual and specific facts.

The Prime Minister Abe appeared on the 11th of September's "青山繁治ザ・ボイスそこまで言うか "show and has confronted his feeling over Asahi News Paper's press conference (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUcNQ7a1vDQ )
The reason behind the release of classified Yoshida's Testimony was explained by the TV host but when the host questioned him of the Asahi's misreporting, he has commented that he should not be making a comment over the behavior of individual media company but the misreporting over the comfort women issued has significantly damaged the reputation of Japan as a nation in the global world and many Japanese individuals living overseas suffered accordingly.

He also made a comment that mass media in general have a power to make a huge influence in and outside the Japan thus they own a duty to public to always provide accurate and trustworthy news to them.

The Asahi News Paper has agreed to have an investigation by a third party over their misreporting and depending on the result of this investigation, their future will be decided but the important part is in the nomination of the third party members.

We will be curious to know whether they will make a drastic change to their organizational mindset just like what they have done after the World War II, now to convert their attitude of entirely criticizing the government to milder one or remain their Anti-Japanese mindset and change the topic of comfort women issue to the problem against women's the human rights with the experts with the anti-Japanese opinion as until now.

JCN believe that Asahi News Paper should take following actions:

  1. To announce on the one side ad of English Asahi that the Asahi Newspaper continued reporting more than 30 years the erroneous reports.

  2. To express by the apology in English for the Korean comfort women group that they had reported the wrong article. 

  3. To notice and advertise on major newspapers of the United States the Asahi Newspaper's articles on comfort women issues have been forged.

  4. To issue the notification of correction to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights that are acting along with the Asahi's fabricated articles and international organizations such as UNESCO

  5. To notify to all of the government agencies and councils that are trying to plan to build comfort women statues through the fallacy correction of Asahi Newspaper.

  6. To be responsible for supporting the activities to remove all comfort women statues from those councils financially and by providing necessary information.

  7. To stop hosting any public debates about the comfort women in English and Japanese for their own planning in the future and if other organizations plan them, notify Asahi's errors corrected all institutions that participated in it.

  8. To ask the errors corrected to the authors of all books or research papers of university that have been written on the basis of the report of the Asahi Newspaper. Asahi shall thoroughly continue fallacy correction until the authors withdraw the paper.

While the anti Japan group burns the incredible passion to attack and disparage Japan, Japanese government and its Ministry of Foreign Affairs neglected the situation for a long time. As a result, we are suffering the loss almost irreparable damages. That is the reality.