UNITED STATES OFFICE OF WAR INFORMATION Japanese Prisoner of War Interrogation Report No. 49

Mr.Moteki Hiromichi, Secretary General of
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact sent recently to us this article.

This official US record made by direct interrogation of comfort women captured on the battlefield is one of the most important source materials related to documenting the real comfort women.

In 1944, the United States Army captured some Comfort Women in Burma and were interrogated by the U.S. Army. The Army filed "Report Number 49" and it stated that the ladies were well-paid prostitutes.

It clearly defined a "comfort girl" as nothing more than a prostitute or "professional camp follower." (Preface) It also stated that their average month net pay was 750 Yen, which was 75 times higher than that of a private first class soldier's pay of 10 Yen. (Pay and Living Condition)

These show that the comfort women were merely very highly paid prostitutes, and having absolutely nothing to do with "sexual slavery."

Whole copy of Report No.49: http://www.sdh-fact.com/CL02_4/8_S1.pdf

Kent Sidney Gilbert wrote the following article on his blog of 29 November,2014:


Michael Yon, a highly respected and skillful U.S. author, gave to Kent Gilbert permission to translate into Japanese and share with the readers an article which he put out yesterday.

Japan-Korea: Were Korean Men Cowards during World War II?

A vexing question

There are growing, unsubstantiated questions about whether the Japanese Imperial Army kidnapped 200,000 sex-slaves (Comfort Women) in World War II. Mostly from Korea.
A $30 million US Government Study specifically searched for evidence on Comfort Women allegations. After nearly seven years with many dozens of staff pouring through US archives -- and 30 million dollars down the drain -- we found a grand total of nothing.

The final IWG report to Congress was issued in 2007. (Linked below.)
Nobody should be writing about Comfort Women issues without reading this report cover to cover.

Many of the unsubstantiated claims are coming from Korea. Korean allegations have led to unexpected twists.
At the time, Korea was actually part of Japan -- roughly in the way that Puerto Rico is part of the USA. Many Koreans were members of the Japanese military. So any allegations that the Japanese military kidnapped 200,000 women implies that Koreans were involved in kidnapping Koreans. This is an uncomfortable reality. It gets even more uncomfortable.
So today, South Korean President Park Geun-hye constantly accuses Japan of kidnapping these shiploads of women.
Imagine how this boomerangs back. President Park is saying that Japan -- and her daddy was an officer in the Japanese Army at the time -- kidnapped uncounted tens of thousands of women from Korea as sex-slaves. Yet there is no evidence that Korean men fought back.

During the war, Korea had a population of about 23 million. Today, Texas has a population of about 26 million. Imagine trying to kidnap 200,000 Texas women. There would be a bloodbath. The Army would lose thousands of soldiers, and thousands of civilians no doubt would have been slaughtered in return.
Evidence would be everywhere. Photos. Films. Battle sites. Texans would never allow 200,000 women to be stolen and raped without making a river of blood. So President Park is essentially saying Korean men during World War II were a bunch of cowards.
Also imagine this from the perspective of a Japanese military General or Admiral. He is at war with the USA, Australia, Britain, China, and more. His hands are full. The USA in particular is on the march with our Navy and Marines, and we are smashing Japan anywhere we can find Japanese.
All generals always want more troops and supplies. That is a fact of life. Just ask any General. Ask any business leader what he or she needs to expand or defend against competition: They always want more resources.
What kind of fool General would dedicate the resources to kidnap, guard, transport, and feed 200,000 women, knowing that he is creating yet another war to fight?
The Japanese were highly advanced military thinkers. They made their own submarines, airplanes, and aircraft carriers. These were serious people, and super smart.
There is no way that Generals would dedicate those resources to kidnapping women when the US military and allies were marching down their throats. They had a war to fight -- this was not Spring Break.
Any serious military or business person can see the folly in common sense of kidnapping 200,000 women. It does not make sense, and would have created a new war in Korea -- which was a base for Japanese recruitment. Koreans were fighting Americans. Koreans were our enemy.
And back to Korean men. It would be horrific to see the US Army try to kidnap 200,000 Texas women -- especially so considering that many US military members are Texans, just as many Koreans were Japanese Soldiers.
Texas would rise up and start smashing the Army. Bridges would blow up. Soldiers would be shot every day. Bases would burn. The Army would fight back and there would be total war.
So are we to believe that Korean men are such cowards that nobody lifted a hand to defend their women? Because if they allowed these many women to be kidnapped, they are cowards, and their sons today had cowards for fathers.

The reality is that we know that Koreans are no cowards. Koreans are a courageous people. So what really happened? It is clear from source documents, and the common sense that every water buffalo possesses, that there was no mass kidnapping.

It's all a lie, and no matter how much someone hates Japan, it will always be a lie.

Please read the IWG report that practically nobody seems to know exists. If you do not have time for the whole report, do a search inside the report for Comfort Women, and carefully read those parts: http://www.archives.gov/iwg/reports/final-report-2007.pdf

For your reference: http://www.sankei.com/world/news/141127/wor1411270003-n1.html

Article about Japanese Culture: 5 Things to Know About Japan's Handmade 'Washi' Paper

The tradition of washi making has been nurtured for over 1,300 years. Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs
The UNESCO Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage on Wednesday added Japanese papers known as “washi” to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list. The process of making the handmade paper has been passed on for generations for over a thousand years in Japan. Here are 5 things to know about its craftsmanship.

1. Tradition of Washi Making Has Been Nurtured for Over 1,300 Years

The tradition of manufacturing washi has been nurtured for over 1,300 years. There are a variety of washi papers depending on their manufacturing process and origin. The ones added to the heritage list are hosokawa-shi from Saitama prefecture, honmino-shi from Gifu prefecture and sekishu-banshi from Shimane prefecture. The three are all made from mulberry plant fibers.

2. Washi Making Process

The process of making the three washi papers added to the heritage list start with peeling the outer bark of the mulberry plant and soaking it in water for days. Then the plant is boiled before dirt and other impurities are removed. The fibers are loosened using wood sticks and hammers, then mixed into thickened water. Bamboo screens are used to filter it before they are dried under the sun.

3. Washi Has Been Hit by Introduction of Low Cost Paper

While production of washi has been hit hard since the introduction of low-cost, machine-made paper, the manufacturers have worked hard to preserve the craftsmanship. “Families and their employees work under masters who have inherited the techniques from their parents. The communities play roles in keeping this craftsmanship viable, ranging from the cultivation of mulberry, training in the techniques and the creation of new washi products,” UNESCO said.

4. There Are Multiple Uses for Washi

Because of its manufacturing process, washi is generally stronger than paper made from wood pulp. While they are used for calligraphy known as shodo, washi is also a key component in making paper screens, room dividers and sliding doors in Japan.

5. It Has a Distinctive, Warm Touch

“Washi has a distinctive softness and warmth to it,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in a statement released Thursday after it was added to the heritage list. In addition to passing on the craftsmanship, the government will continue to support the tradition of the washi culture and preserve it for future generations, Mr. Abe added.

Nov 27, 2014 JAPAN


On the 9th of September, The Asahi News paper had held a press conference to have a formal apologies over the incorrect news issued for "The Yoshida's Testimony" and "Comfort women issue"

The video capture of this press conference will be able to find on:


Many people believe that Japan as a nation have done wrongs in the past and never have officially apologized for their wrongs which makes the country like Korea to be continuously emotional but the truth is that the comfort women issues were made up by Japanese (pretending Japanese) activists and Asahi News Paper 20 years after the World War II.

Korea never saw it as a problem until the comfort women issues were made up by them.
It took over 30 years for Asahi News Paper to admit their wrongs and during these 30 years, we can't account how much damages were done to Japan's reputation. Even in peaceful nation of Australia, there has been an establishment of Anti-Japanese activists.
It will be hard for normal Japanese people to understand the belief of Anti-Japanese activist but for those people who believe that Anti-Japanese activities are justified, the truth or facts were not important to them as they are passionate to twist the facts and have an attack on Japanese no matter what it takes.

By looking at the press conference held by Asahi News Paper, to avoid the possible drop over the sales of their newspaper, they have total surrender on these 2 issues but have not touched on their organizational anti-Japanese mentality.
The speech made by the head editor proves that they were prepared not to admit their wrong and have an official apology over the incorrect news made on the Yoshida testimony if the actual classified testimony was not released by the government. He made it clear that Asahi was prompted to act on the recent public criticism because other media companies gained access to the Yoshida testimony. 

The former chief of Tokyo Electric Power Company Yoshida requested the testimony to be classified information and unreleased to public but to act on the recent manipulation of news by Asahi newspaper, the government of Japan had decided to release this classified testimony to public for the public to know the truth and for them to learn Asahi News Paper's wrongs.

The Asahi News Paper admitted their misreport on the comfort women issues however they stated that the core issue over the comfort women issue is a problem against human rights and this fact does not change even if they admitted over misreport on the comfort women issue.

The TV news aired on 11th of September were focused on criticism against the Asahi Newspaper in first half of their show but the second half was focused on the truth over the comfort women issues is a problem against human rights.

If prostitution is a problem against the human rights then it is a broad topic to be discussed worldwide as this issue will be universal issues which all the countries in the world including Korea have to find the ways to fix it as prostitution does exist in every country in the world all the time.

July this year, 122 ex comfort women had made a legal action against the government of Korea for presidential order made to them to be prostitute for US army during and post Korean war which made many of them to have STD and confined in the hospital.
As an outcome, some of them have passed away due to the penicillin induced shock.     

There is no doubt that during the World War II, many women were forced to work as a prostitute because of poverty and/or cheated by the improper recruit agents in Korea and even in Japan as well.
Also, even at the present, the Korean women are top rated illegal migrants who visit oversea to work as a prostitute and this is a serious problem of many countries including Japan, US and Australia.

The main reason that Japan was a target for the Anti-Japanese Activists was that they claimed that Japan used their army to capture the normal civilian women to force them to work as a comfort women just like capturing of slaves which was based on the story written by Seiji Yoshida and distributed to the public by Asahi News Paper.
It is sophistry to use the vague term "human rights problem". We should be of essence to verify the individual and specific facts.

The Prime Minister Abe appeared on the 11th of September's "青山繁治ザ・ボイスそこまで言うか "show and has confronted his feeling over Asahi News Paper's press conference (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUcNQ7a1vDQ )
The reason behind the release of classified Yoshida's Testimony was explained by the TV host but when the host questioned him of the Asahi's misreporting, he has commented that he should not be making a comment over the behavior of individual media company but the misreporting over the comfort women issued has significantly damaged the reputation of Japan as a nation in the global world and many Japanese individuals living overseas suffered accordingly.

He also made a comment that mass media in general have a power to make a huge influence in and outside the Japan thus they own a duty to public to always provide accurate and trustworthy news to them.

The Asahi News Paper has agreed to have an investigation by a third party over their misreporting and depending on the result of this investigation, their future will be decided but the important part is in the nomination of the third party members.

We will be curious to know whether they will make a drastic change to their organizational mindset just like what they have done after the World War II, now to convert their attitude of entirely criticizing the government to milder one or remain their Anti-Japanese mindset and change the topic of comfort women issue to the problem against women's the human rights with the experts with the anti-Japanese opinion as until now.

JCN believe that Asahi News Paper should take following actions:

  1. To announce on the one side ad of English Asahi that the Asahi Newspaper continued reporting more than 30 years the erroneous reports.

  2. To express by the apology in English for the Korean comfort women group that they had reported the wrong article. 

  3. To notice and advertise on major newspapers of the United States the Asahi Newspaper's articles on comfort women issues have been forged.

  4. To issue the notification of correction to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights that are acting along with the Asahi's fabricated articles and international organizations such as UNESCO

  5. To notify to all of the government agencies and councils that are trying to plan to build comfort women statues through the fallacy correction of Asahi Newspaper.

  6. To be responsible for supporting the activities to remove all comfort women statues from those councils financially and by providing necessary information.

  7. To stop hosting any public debates about the comfort women in English and Japanese for their own planning in the future and if other organizations plan them, notify Asahi's errors corrected all institutions that participated in it.

  8. To ask the errors corrected to the authors of all books or research papers of university that have been written on the basis of the report of the Asahi Newspaper. Asahi shall thoroughly continue fallacy correction until the authors withdraw the paper.

While the anti Japan group burns the incredible passion to attack and disparage Japan, Japanese government and its Ministry of Foreign Affairs neglected the situation for a long time. As a result, we are suffering the loss almost irreparable damages. That is the reality.

To Japanese people who are living in Australia

One of the ABC network’s program “foreign correspondence” aired a documentary show focused on Japan that was titled as “Japan – Return of the Samurai”.

This show was made with a big assistance from Japan Self- Defense Forces (JSDF) and was aiming to capture a recent debate in Japan for the historical change over the interpretation of a right of collective self defense.

Overall, this show was focused on the recent movement of people in Japan to be nationalist yet the biggest problem of this show was that it was showing video of Nanking Massacre at 21:40.
Return of the Samurai http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/

After the air of this show, the official Youtube account of foreign correspondence had uploaded a edited version of this show which capture the interview session with Toshio Tamogami (ex Chief of staff of Japan’s Air Self Defense Force) and video of Nanking Massacre which titled as “ultra-nationalism : Return of the Samurai - Foreign Correspondent”

This Youtube Video has a same narration with the actual show which speech out the information of Nanking Massacre and comfort women issues.
Moreover, they speech out the incorrect information over the outcome of Tokyo gubernatorial election 2014 which Mr Tamogami has entered as a candidate and they have announced that Mr Tamogami had obtained quarter of overall votes and ranked as a second in the election (when he had obtained 24% of votes from people in their 20th and ranked 2nd for this category but overall outcome was 12.5% and ranked as 4th in the election) and they claimed that Japan are turning into a nationalist country which aimed to intestinally misread the viewer.

In addition to the above, the other problem with this show is that the video they have used in this show for Nanking Massacre is one scene form a propaganda film made by China and USA during the World War 2.
The title of this film is “The Battle of China 1944” and the scene used is at 27:40.

The below video shows how the propaganda film was made up by China and USA and how they have set up a scene which they claimed that Japanese Army officers are shooting Chinese civilian during the Nanking Massacre.

In the end roll of this show, there are two Japanese names Yayoi Eguchi, Yumiko Asada are appearing as ABC staff.
This two Japanese were production staff of documentary show that were aiming to support the “Tokyo Two” who were greenpeace anti whaling activists who were arrested for stealing whale meat in Japan.

To conclude all of the above facts, it shows well enough that the ABC’s reporter and staff’s position or mindset over Japan and Japanese.

We ask for all of the people who are living in Australia to make a complain letter to ABC for using the video from propaganda film and creating an intestinal misreading to the people which has ended up with huge damages to Japanese’s and Japan’s reputation.

JCN has already sent a letter to request ABC to make a balanced show without any bias so we believe that above mentioned complain letters will be a great assistance to our letter and will make huge influence with them.

Furthermore, we have asked JSDF and Sydney Consulate General of Japan to make complain to ABC as well.

If you feel any anger or sadness by watching the above videos, please submit complain to ABC in your words by clicking a “tip off” at the below website.


JCN has submitted a letter to the Pope.

The Pope Francis has visited Korea from 13th of August 2014 to 18th of August 2014.

To utilize this opportunity, the current ambassador of Korea in Australia, Mr Kim has visited Jan Ruff O’herne’s house in Adelaide and have obtained her signature on a letter which was pre-prepared in advance that was addressed to the Pope and had submitted just before his visit to Korea.

We highly suspect that the contents of this letter will be similar to the speech made by Jan Ruff O’herne’s daughter at the open session held in Strathfield town hall on 1st of April 2014, that had been mixing up the war crime committed by the Japanese army officer in Indonesia at February 1944 (commonly known as “Semarang incident”(白馬事件)) and the current comfort women issue such are aimed to label Japanese people as evil and common practice used by the anti-Japanese organizations.

To re act on the above activity, we JCN have prepared a letter to Pope addressing the current comfort women statue issues in Australia and have submitted this letter on 6th of August 2014.

Fortunately, the papacy in Vatican have rejected a request for Pope to visit “the house of sharing (ナヌムの家)” and the pope did not made any official comment over the comfort women issue during his visit in Korea.
The Korean official was only able to gain the attendance for 7 ex-comfort women at the mass organized by Korean Catholic church and failed to use pope for their political activity.

The Vatican City state gains valuable classified information by using Christian as an agent to gather the information from all over the world and is classified as the world largest intelligence nation which outbid the activity of CIA and MI6.

Moreover, their gaining process of money by using their own network was used to be linked to the network of freemasons and had made large investment in around the world.

These facts made them to be politically strong anti communist organization.

The fact that the papacy in Vatican has kept a fair distance between themselves and anti-Japanese comfort women activity shows that the papacy have an ability use correct information in their analysis and come up with a fair judgment over the sensitive issues.
We are sure that our letter has been recorded into Papacy’s system at Vatican and will be used in their future analysis as well.

The Pope Francis had made following comment over the sinking of the Sewol ferry tragedy “he hoped the South Korean people to take the Sewol tragedy as an occasion for moral and spiritual rebirth”on 24th of April 2014 and also at the South Korea Mass, he had said that “reconciliation can be brought about only by forgiveness, even if it seems "impossible, impractical and even at times repugnant."


Pope expresses hope for a “moral rebirth” in South Korea

The comments are truly meaningful and his deep thoughts are showed.

Furthermore, at the last press conference held by pope in Korea, one of the news reporters from Mainichi news paper in Japan tried to obtain a comment from Pope over the comfort women issues but was end up with disappointment since the Pope had made very unclear comment on this matter.

The amazing articles over the "statute of comfort women to be build in Sydney?" were posted on the Sydney's Japanese free newspaper Cheers

By July,there were total of 5 articles posted on the cheers which provide the detailed information on the comfort women issues.

It provides the detailed summaries over the behavior and mindset of Austral China Korea Alliance against Japanese war crime group and report over the open session and hearing held on the 1st of April at the Strathfield town hall.

It is highly recommended to have a read on those articles, especially on the report over the interview session held with a high ranked official from the Austral China Korea Alliance against Japanese war crime group that provide the reason behind their action.

This article has the value as evidence for clarifying the aim of erecting the comfort women statues by the official's confirmation since the interview's contents are what the official talked truely to Cheer's interviewer,which have been rightly documented. This article of Cheers has been used as an factual evidence by a Japanes speaker at the open session held on 1st of April at the Strathfield town hall.

The titles of articles are as follows (unfortunately there were no English versions of the articles as yet):

Article 1:"Interview session with high ranked official of anti- Japanese group and test over the historical facts from Japanese side and korean side "

Article 2: "Report on open session held at the Strathfield town hall at 1st of April"

Article 3:"The effect of statute of comfort women with child and test of historical facts by professional historian"

Article 4: "The problems which have been created by the existence of comfort women statute in the world part 1"
*Report on the JCN's petition activities, the ceremony held on the completion of comfort women statute at Fairfax Council in commonwealth of Virginia USA and the recent parliament discussion held by Kishida ,Japanese Foreign Minister.

Article 5: "The problems which have been created by the existence of comfort women statute in the world part 2"
*Report over the test on Kono statement which has been released by chief cabinet secretary of Japan ,Yohei Kono back in 1993.

Japan community Network has started a blog

On 1st of April 2014, an open session and hearing was held at the Strathfield town hall for a building plan of comfort women statute submitted by the Anti-Japanese group of Korean and Chinese.

The Austral China Korea Alliance against Japanese War Crime group established in February 2014 has announced to build 10 statutes of comfort women in Australia in order to achieve their political goal and they have chosen Strathfield as a first target to build the statute where their ancestries and ethnic descendants hold about 30% of population in this city.

The Korean descedant, Deputy Mayor of Strathfield City had used his governmental power and governmental support from state and federal members of parliament to build the statue of comfort women without a chance for Japanese residing in Strathfield to notice it plan and the Japanese mothers who is stating in Starthfield were only able to start their actions in late March 2014.

Furthermore Japanese Women for Justice and Peace (which President is Yumiko Yamamoto) in Japan has started to take the action by sending  the letters of protest to the City around this time as well, and the Deputy Mayor has taken an action to speed up the process by having the early open session on 1st of April  to overcome the potential problem which could delay the completion of statue of comfort women.

To prepare the speech for open session, the groups of Japanese people have gathered up for first time on 31st of March which was a day before the open session but with well prepared team plan, were able to have a successful result at the open session.

On the weekend of 5th of April, same groups of Japanese people have gathered up once again at a cafe in Sydney and have established a group which has been named as JCN(Japanese Community Network).

We JCN put a high importance on our fundamental belief which have been stated in our Prospectus for JCN below .
Since our establishment, we are developing various activities to stop the establishment of comfort women statutes in Australia with whoever has a same belief with us despite of their race, nationality, religion and political views, by cooperating with each other.

JCN Secretariat is administrating this blog site, if you have any suggestions, enquiries and questions, pleae feel free to contact us at: jcnaus@googlegroups.com

Prospectus for Japan Community Network

Until now, Japanese organisations and groups in Australia have established themselves with the aim of facilitating mutual friendships and building harmonious relationships with their local communities and have engaged in activities towards such end. However, at this time, where it seems likely that the Strathfield Council of NSW is taking part in plans to erect a "Comfort Women" statue proposed by those foreign groups with clear anti-Japanese sentiment under consideration, the issues which until now had been thought to lie across the water have suddenly been dropped on our doorstep and are now a real and imminent problem. Although a group of several mothers concerned for the  well-being of their children and for the future generation have bravely put up strong opposition to this unexpected and shocking turn of events, the Japanese community did not unite as a collective to address the issue constructively. One of the underlying reasons for this is that existing Japanese groups strongly believe that their goal should be to pursue "mutual friendship" at all times, and that they should not involve themselves in political activities.

In response to this, we have decided to establish a community network whose aim rather than the pursuit of "mutual friendship" is to engage in efforts to effectively address these specific problems which have now emerged. Firstly, we do not perceive activities which oppose the current plans to erect a "comfort women" statue to be political, because the impetus for such activities is not based on any specific political ideas but rather arises from the desire to promote "mutual friendship" with the immigrant communities and peace and tranquility within the local communities and from the universal goal as concerned residents and citizens to protect the present and future generation of  children. To fulfill this goal, we will engage in lawful activities deemed acceptable in a democratic society and extend to include activities aimed at reaching out to the government and politicians.

Our motto is based on non-confrontational rationalism. We refrain from engaging in hostile activities based on feelings of hatred when we encounter conflicts of opinion and assert our ideas and opinions in a calm and rational manner and in a way that does not offend the multicultural community aiming at all times to bring about a peaceful reconciliation and finding a way for all of us to coexist in harmony and achieve mutual prosperity. An example of this is at the recent (April 1, 2014) public hearing regarding the erection of the "comfort women" statue held in Strathfield Town Hall where despite the intense accusations made by the other party describing Japan's behaviour as outrageous, we refrained from retaliating and responding heatedly and instead focused on making a coherent and rational appeal explaining that these plans could lead  to the risk of promoting discrimination towards Japanese people or bullying of children of Japanese heritage at school, that they deviate from the policy established by the city itself and conflict with Australia's ideal of multiculturalism. We believe that this gained us a lot of sympathy from the non-Japanese community. We will take the same position when dealing with any future incidents. Our aim is to win a victory based on the good common sense of the community encompassing the opinions of a variety of races rather than simply a political victory for the Japanese community.

We are not a community network consisting only of Japanese and Japanese descendants. We work in collaboration with the non-Japanese community who share our values of multiculturalism. As an organisation, we share the motto outlined above, however, we are completely neutral both politically and religiously and our members have absolute freedom to follow and practice any political and religious beliefs they choose. While we may collaborate with a specific political party, we do not coerce our members to cooperate with or support any particular political party. Our main goal is to engage in activities for the common cause of ensuring the welfare of the Japanese community as a whole.

It is rare to find such a peaceful society as exists in Australia anywhere else in the world. However, saying that, a hopeful future in which our peaceful lifestyle is preserved should not be taken for granted and should not be left in the hands of others counting on the goodwill and decency of all people. As such, we will continue to work on specific issues as moral citizens, withstanding the duty  of care for concerned parents who wish to protect our children.

April 6, 2014