JCN has submitted a letter to the Pope.

The Pope Francis has visited Korea from 13th of August 2014 to 18th of August 2014.

To utilize this opportunity, the current ambassador of Korea in Australia, Mr Kim has visited Jan Ruff O’herne’s house in Adelaide and have obtained her signature on a letter which was pre-prepared in advance that was addressed to the Pope and had submitted just before his visit to Korea.

We highly suspect that the contents of this letter will be similar to the speech made by Jan Ruff O’herne’s daughter at the open session held in Strathfield town hall on 1st of April 2014, that had been mixing up the war crime committed by the Japanese army officer in Indonesia at February 1944 (commonly known as “Semarang incident”(白馬事件)) and the current comfort women issue such are aimed to label Japanese people as evil and common practice used by the anti-Japanese organizations.

To re act on the above activity, we JCN have prepared a letter to Pope addressing the current comfort women statue issues in Australia and have submitted this letter on 6th of August 2014.

Fortunately, the papacy in Vatican have rejected a request for Pope to visit “the house of sharing (ナヌムの家)” and the pope did not made any official comment over the comfort women issue during his visit in Korea.
The Korean official was only able to gain the attendance for 7 ex-comfort women at the mass organized by Korean Catholic church and failed to use pope for their political activity.

The Vatican City state gains valuable classified information by using Christian as an agent to gather the information from all over the world and is classified as the world largest intelligence nation which outbid the activity of CIA and MI6.

Moreover, their gaining process of money by using their own network was used to be linked to the network of freemasons and had made large investment in around the world.

These facts made them to be politically strong anti communist organization.

The fact that the papacy in Vatican has kept a fair distance between themselves and anti-Japanese comfort women activity shows that the papacy have an ability use correct information in their analysis and come up with a fair judgment over the sensitive issues.
We are sure that our letter has been recorded into Papacy’s system at Vatican and will be used in their future analysis as well.

The Pope Francis had made following comment over the sinking of the Sewol ferry tragedy “he hoped the South Korean people to take the Sewol tragedy as an occasion for moral and spiritual rebirth”on 24th of April 2014 and also at the South Korea Mass, he had said that “reconciliation can be brought about only by forgiveness, even if it seems "impossible, impractical and even at times repugnant."


Pope expresses hope for a “moral rebirth” in South Korea

The comments are truly meaningful and his deep thoughts are showed.

Furthermore, at the last press conference held by pope in Korea, one of the news reporters from Mainichi news paper in Japan tried to obtain a comment from Pope over the comfort women issues but was end up with disappointment since the Pope had made very unclear comment on this matter.