What really occurred in Nanjing?

The Chinese government has trumpeted 300,000 civilians were massacred in Nanjing, and recently increased the number of victims to 400,000 without any basis what so ever.

On every occasion where somebody of Japanese origin tries to explain that "the battle of Nanking" happened but the "Nanking Massacre" didn't, the person is accused of being  "a history denier", "a revisionist", or " extreme right". Because of this, the Japanese people have been silent regarding this issue. It's been much easier to accept their version of this story and apologize and in fact, many Japanese prime ministers have also apologized without challenging the commonly accepted historical view.

The problem that the Japanese government finds itself in is that the Chinese and Korean governments never cease accusing Japan for what happened over 70 years ago and demand more and more apologies and monetary payments. The latest repetitive demand was only voiced last year when they said, "Japan never apologized" when interviewed by international media outlets. When the Japanese people presented the undeniable fact that Japanese Prime Ministers have apologized on numerous occasions in the past and made reparations and given substantial amounts of foreign aid, they changed their rhetoric to "Japan hasn't apologized sincerely enough."

So the recent development in the relationships between  South Korea and Japan, and China and Japan have escalated because the Japanese people are exhausted from being constantly and tirelessly harassed by the Chinese and Korean Government backed international Anti-Japan propaganda organizations. The Japanese have been pushed to the point where they are now forced to confront some of these ever growing outrageous historical claims which has propelled these issues into the international community where the untruths claimed by the Koreans and Chinese are only now being gradually exposed.

When you hear the "Nanking Massacre" you automatically think of those horrible images of people brutally murdered or being buried alive. Those photographic images, however, have been studied and most of them were found to be fabricated for propaganda purposes or taken from other incidents that occurred in China and some of those atrocities were actually committed by the Chinese themselves, not by the Japanese at all.

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What really occurred in Nanjing?

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