Dear Korean students in Australia, no violence please!

Dear Korean students protesting the governmental agreement over the comfort woman issue,

We know you posted a movie of your counterparts violently protesting the governmental agreement in Seoul.
We respect your freedom of speech but please refrain from violence.  You must know that most ex-comfort women have welcomed the efforts made by both the governments.  Only those under Chon Dae Hyup control are protesting as they always do anyway.

The historical facts are very different from what you were taught at school.  If you are doing it out of your passion & sympathy please get your own government to apologize to those Vietnamese women sexually assaulted by South Korean soldiers as well.

Most importantly, please don't import your aggressive behavior to Australia.  We are unrelated to the issue and living in peace with all other ethnic groups.  You have no right to disturb our life here.   If you cannot contain your anger please stay in Korea and help those ladies there if you really want to. This is where all the different races live together in harmony under the Australian customs and values.  We must not import foreign conflicts into this country we call home.

Best regards
President, Australia-Japan Community Network